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Shower Steamers


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Looking to relax but don't have the time to fill a bathtub and or in my case I only have a shower! This is the perfect thing to add!! Grab a shower steamer & place it on the ground and or anything in the shower to get mist, do not soak as it will go much faster!! take in 3-5 deep breathes and feel it work it's magic to relax you!! 

1) Breathe ~ peppermint, eucalyptus, and lemon (green)
2) Lemon Rosemary ~ lemon and rosemary (yellow)
3) Lavender Grapefruit ~ lavender and grapefruit (blue)
4) Lemongrass (white)
5) Lavender (purple)
6) Eucalyptus (green)
7) Peppermint (white)
8. Wellness ~ cinnamon, eucalyptus, and lemon (orange)
9) Tea Tree (light green)
10) Lavender Chamomile ~ lavender and chamomile (purple)
11) Key Lime (green)
12) Relax ~ lavender and lime (purple)
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